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Without The Designer Price Tag

Launch your website in days (not months) with one of our turn-key websites. We will even host your site, install it for you, and maintain it. Having a beautiful, professionally designed website has never been easier or more affordable.

You need a website, and you want it to look amazing, but don't have thousands of dollars to invest in one right now.

If you’re just starting your business, you need a great website that sets an amazing first impression. You need it to look legit, and like you spent the big bucks, but you don’t have the financial resources right now. Not to mention, you are so busy getting your business going, that you don’t have time to waste trying to figure out how to create a website. 

Don't worry, we have you covered.

Save Time

Instead of spending hours and hours learning how to DIY a website, spend your precious time doing what you’re good at and leave your website to the professionals. 

Avoid the Hassle

Style and Class websites are installed for you, and delivered to you ready to add your content. No need to worry about the tricky stuff like installing your website.

Customize without Coding

Skip the hair-pulling technical stuff and get right to the fun part of customizing your website! Watch our included video tutorials showing you how to update the fonts, color schemes, add your content and images to your site!

Go Live in Days

There’s no need to spend months of back and forth creating a website. Your site will be installed for you in a few days, and ready for you to start customizing! Included with your website is an awesome Coming Soon page so that you can start gathering leads right away.

A Note From Elizabeth - the designer

After nearly a decade in the web development world, and a few years creating custom WordPress websites for small businesses, Elizabeth Hinson Design is making solid and professional websites available to everyone.

Launching in Summer 2020, Style & Class is your one stop website shop. Our goal is to take the overwhelm out of creating a website.

The new site will include planning guides to provide some much needed guidance and inspiration to get you started on your website journey. 

We’re so excited for you to browse our website shop to see our stylish drag-and-drop website templates using easy-to-use Elementor for WordPress. These are not your usual templates. They have great bones ‘code-wise’ and are already optimized for search engines. Just click, switch, drag and drop your way to a beautiful website.

The best part? There is no technical ability required. We’ll set up your site for you and hand it off so that you can get right to the fun part. Start adding your content, swapping images, changing fonts and color schemes.

– Elizabeth

P.S.- Fun Fact, did you know that HTML (the main coding language for websites) relies on style tags and class elements for the look and feel of a website? That’s how we chose our new name, ‘Style and Class’.

Stop spending your time trying to figure out what needs to be on your website.

Here's your formula for writing your website content, so you can get started on your website today.